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Some accidents wear their things until they were apart. Her mom satisfied to the side and heavily grasped the odyssey of the hotel. Her chargers started tearing up over the nature of the only spanking and the uniqueness of the situation.

Mackenzie was actually no stranger to spanking. Her mother was a firm believer. But the reason for Mackenzie's spoiled attitude was actually her father, whom she had wrapped around her finger.

She cycled in front of her coven persists clasped to dump her agony. Soft the more side of her daughter chemical. Although you remember the same strategy, you are not my opinion so I am unsure to take legit work.

She probably only got half the punishments she deserved tOk fed her attitude of self importance. Granted when she did get a spanking from her mother it was a doozy. Her mother stkry no instrument of correction when needed. While her hand was good enough to get Mackenzie bawling parentt was the occasional brush or belt. When the belt was needed Mackenzie was instructed to strip down to her birthday suit and lay over her bed. She was to lay at the end, with her head and arms over the edge. In this fashion, it was more difficult to reach back to protect her butt from mother's onslaught. The last time had been when she had been caught smoking.

Even her father hadn't deigned to countermand her mother for that offense. After the strapping had her bawling and hiccuping, her mother had put Mackenzie over her lap for some more spanking. On a freshly strapped ass those hand spanks were extra painful.

Moreover, it had the added affect of the embarrassment of squirming and bucking over her mother's lap like a child, rather than stody serious punishment of a strapping. Mackenzie's thoughts were interrupted as Mr. Johnson arrived. He excused his tardiness and after a brief glance and grin at Mackenzie, started moving boxes out of the room. As the room emptied Wendy and Mackenzie's conversation dried up. Meanwhile, the other door opened up and out came a stern looking lady with a crying boy in tow. He was sniffling and rubbing the tears from his eyes. The lady stopped briefly before the three ladies.

Parent Otk story spank

I am so glad you have these rooms," the lady replied. We like to keep our customer's happy. Well the paying ones of course," Wendy replied with a laugh. All parenr ladies except Mackenzie laughed at that joke. Before departing, the lady looked at Otk spank parent story and her mother. Although her boy was much younger than Mackenzie there was a knowing smile on her face ;arent she left. Mackenzie flushed again. This was so humiliating. It seemed like everyone knew about her upcoming spanking and worse yet, paeent was forced to stand waiting for the damm room to be cleared. She wished she could run away but her mother had already warned her, any more resistance and she'd spank her right in front of everyone.

Mackenzie didn't dare test her. Finally the room was cleared out. Wendy held the door open for Mackenzie and her mom. Mackenzie's legs felt rubbery and her mother jerked her forward by her wrist. Wendy closed the door with a smile. Besides a short bench on the wall, it had a padded, armless chair in the corner. The mirror on the wall made it look like a dressing room. Mackenzie thought. Was this just a converted dressing room? What about the insulation for noise? What about the privacy?? Her thoughts disappeared in a panic as her mother swung her around by her wrist to face her.

This has taken long enough. Get those pants down! She lowered her head and tried to look as endearing as possible. Susie was almost naked, except for her flimsy T shirt, a pair of black hold ups and her panties, which dangled at her knees.

Then it started. Three spanks on one cheek, followed by three on the stort. She tried to remember how many spanks she heard Jenny getting last night but had not the slightest clue. All she knew was that she was lying over a very firm lap, her bare spanl on show, receiving her first ever spanking. When would it stop? Would Mrs C notice? Suddenly the rubbing stopped and Susie was asked stoty stand up. Mrs C then reached stogy the wooden hairbrush as Susie stood rubbing her bottom at her side. Susie paarent rooted to the spot. By this time, the tears were already flowing and Susie pleaded with Mrs C to let her off the rest of the punishment. Otk spank parent story in this story she is out of town and cannot punish him one Sunday.

So Lisa makes an appointment on Sunday for John with a group of dominatrices. Some reviewers classify Levin's books as "potboilers". But I still Otk spank parent story parts of them after all these years. This would be a demonstration of a good hard spanking. She raised the hairbrush. She raised the brush again span smacked it down on the quivering bum. Jilly screamed. Jilly was sobbing and crying as Jenny pulled down her panties, revealing a rosy red bottom. Jenny spanked her daughter very soundly indeed. She was giving her baby a blistered ass because Jilly needed her bottom spanked, and she needed it spanked hard and good.

Stop spanking meeeeee! Jenny was paying special attention to where her daughter sat, because sure as hell Jilly was not going to be sitting down anytime soon. Jenny was gonna roast her rear end for her. I promise! Jenny held her pinned there tightly, though Jilly was now bucking and screaming, hissing with pain as her mommy soundly punished her naughty butt. She spanked hard and fast, causing the chastised teen to cry out in pain. Or maybe a little more painful, like this? Mommy, my butt! Finally the dress came down and a few more gentle smacks were given to the humiliated girl.

Jenny stroked her hair as she cried. Then Jilly reached back and cupped her sore ass. If she did this without love, then it would be abuse. But her love makes it a correction. I thank her for loving me so much that she refuses to spare the rod. I do not want to be spoiled. Her own tears subside as she prepares for the next child to correct and signals my time to leave. The others are waiting for their turn. I need to send the next one in. This form of discipline was normal in my house growing up. Although, it did become less frequent with each new daughter. I bitterly told her that I was trying to save them.

She just smiled. As a teenager and young adult, I held onto the belief that spanking with love was the only real way to teach children right from wrong, yet I had a hard time imagining what it would be like to hit my own child someday. I began to question this method as a psychology major when I read studies that clearly illustrated the lasting psychological harm spanking has on children. As the bus rumbled and bustled around us, I watched as horror, pity, and sadness crept across her face. Spanking did me good. I deserved it. I needed it.