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The elusive MM540 / 550. EDIT: New Search for ex-Army 550 on page 9

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So I guess these upgrades will have to wait until I can get the parts to India. Driving Impressions: Over the weekend I drove from Bangalore to Ooty and back which was a good mix of urban, highway, and lot of driving in the hills. The engine is best between about to rpm. The low to midrange torque is great. After about 90 kmph the engine strains since it lacks top end whack bhp. On a downhill section on the high way I was able to bring the needle to touch But given that the chasis is still an old design, I generally stayed in the 90 to kmph range. The good thing though is that even at this speeds the engine is not maxed out like with the 4 speed so cruising at this speed is not stressing out the engine.

In the hills is a different story. This is where this engine shines. Keep it in the correct gears and there is always power on tap.

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I will try to find one bangalorf my contacts. If you think I am being over ambitious. Like someone said in another Jeep Thread. Jeeps are like rough diamonds waiting to be discovered. There was a civilian which I almost closed on. However the owner after making me wait for 3 weeks, decided to give it to his relative. I almost scored this specimen for well under 1L. But total bill would not have gone over 1. That too for a MM Had even got it checked with Stephen Suresh's workshop guy. But things are just not working out.