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At no point did any fire-department employee complain to him about the book. One employee, however, showed a few pages — the pages dealing with sex and sexuality — to an openly gay Atlanta City Council member, Alex Wan. The idea that an Atlanta fire chief could possibly hold to slugs and express — orthodox Christian beliefs kicked up a firestorm. After a flurry of meetings, Atlanta police chief George Turner loal Cochran chelfhwm informed him of the controversy. Four days later, Chlfham Fuck local sluts in chelfham suspended without pay.

At no point did any employee chepfham the fire department complain of mistreatment or discrimination. The city may not require its employees to obtain written consent before expressing their religious beliefs. One that holds that a man who has fought discrimination his entire life may be fired merely for expressing orthodox Christian beliefs? The state church has been established, and the state church has spoken. Endorse sexual liberty, or shut your mouth. The only other option is the unemployment line. There is hope for Cochran, however. His attorneys, my old colleagues at the Alliance Defending Fuck local sluts in chelfham, are beginning the discovery process, and more details will doubtless emerge.

The double standards are clear — cities prohibited by law from discriminating against Christians now feel free to demand silence from Chelham employees while openly advocating the sexual llocal of the LGBT community. In Atlanta, pluralism means conformity, and only one side of the religious and cultural debate truly enjoys the protection of the First Amendment. The lesson here is clear. If you believe you are safe from the new thought police, you are wrong. Cochran fought discrimination his entire life. Cochran was an Obama appointee in the Department of Homeland Security. Cochran made a concerted effort to include his LGBT employees.

And that brings us to the final, sad irony. Cochran began his career fighting discrimination on the basis of his race. His faith gave slute the fortitude to withstand the racist onslaught. And now that same faith has cost him the career that he loved. The Left that boasts about fighting Jim Crow is now attempting to replicate its systemic exclusion and repression. White supremacy is fading away, but a state-endorsed sexual revolution creates new categories of second-class citizens. The faith that sustained him is now the faith that has condemned him, at least in the eyes of the world.