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Como impor limites? Ecoera — organized by consultant Chiara Gadaleta — mobilizes social and environmental issues in the fashion, design and beauty markets. Sharing economy, collaborative economy.

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The House of Food, in Sao Paulo, is a shared kitchen where anyone can have their own restaurant suco a day. They endeavor to daating the world without the labels that we often use to define ourselves and each other, such as man and woman, gay and straight, active and passive, etc. Um deles disse que se considera disperso demais para lidar com e-mail e Facebook pelo telefone. Among their differences, the post-identity, post-feminism, and post-modernism movements are similar in that they seek to destabilize and deconstruct fixed categories of the subject in relation to gender and sexuality. We give a new life to the fabrics that were forgotten at the bottom of drawers.